Delta’s “Holiday Store”

by Deb Harman

I was fortunate to have attended a luncheon with Delta High School Staff last June. It was great to get to know a few of them and hear their hearts for the students.

One of their hopes for us (Element) to support as we partner with them would be to donate to their “Holiday Store”. This is set up for the students of the school during the holiday season to ”purchase” items for themselves or for Christmas gifts for family and friends. The Store is comprised of community donations.

One of the teachers spoke of one student last year who gathered several pieces of clothing for his “friend” who the teacher later watched him give to a homeless man that he passed by on his way to and from school every day. It gave the student an opportunity to express compassion and generosity towards the poor. It warmed the teacher’s heart as well as mine.

The teacher said it’s important that the items are new or like new and would either be something the students could use, such as an updated teenage piece of clothing, or an item they could give to their grandmother; so there’s a big array of items sought after.

When I heard about this, I found a large cardboard box and started my collection. The first item was a brand-new baseball cap that Mike (my husband) brought home. He wasn’t interested in keeping it and asked me if I wanted it. “Nope, but I’ll throw it in the ‘Holiday Store’ box,” I stated. And so through the summer I’ve gathered an assortment of items. Mark, a man from our GC, asked if he could contribute several shirts he found in his closet with the tags still attached, I gladly welcomed them (they will be premium items).

I would like to encourage you to start your own cardboard box collection for the “Holiday Store” at Delta; they will truly appreciate it. You could even offer to collect items from your GC and be the deliverer when the time comes. 

Please consider our request and we will send an update later as we know when our neighbor, Delta High School, will be accepting donations.