Summer Block Parties

Happening this summer! We are asking each of our Gospel Communities to host a block party in one of their neighborhoods!

One of Element’s core values is transforming community into Gospel-centered community. Many of us live in neighborhoods where we don’t even know our neighbors; we don’t think about, see, speak, or even pray for them…usually because we don’t know them. This isn’t uncommon in today’s society. However, we desire to equip the people of Element to engage with others in a relational way that models and honors Jesus. So, we came up with an idea: What if we encourage GCs to pick a neighborhood, host a fun block party together, and begin the process of getting to know and bless our neighbors? Our desire is that there will be seed laid for the eventual transformation of that neighborhood into Gospel-centered community.

The purpose of these block parties is to help us see our neighbors and begin to hear their stories. We also get to practice hospitality and model the love of God’s family to those who may not know Him. This may be just the first step in an ongoing effort to live on mission in our neighborhoods. By learning how to come together and look outside of ourselves in one neighborhood, hopefully this will breed more ideas and opportunities in others. While our ultimate desire is for our neighbors to trust Jesus with their lives, these block parties could serve as a glimpse of the Gospel in our own lives—it is a chance for others to see how people transformed by the good news are welcoming, generous, and inviting. We live in a given neighborhood as God’s hands and feet—our neighborhoods are part of our mission field!

We join God’s mission as He sends us out into the world to proclaim the good news of God’s rescue. Having a block party can be an easy entry point for someone to meet others, connect, and engage. A block party doesn’t have to be awkward or weird where we are forcing “Jesus” into conversations…

So…let’s party!

Learn more by downloading this guide.

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