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Fruit to Root

Further explanation of the Fruit to Root exercise from Week Ten: Heman's Prayer, on page 82 of our Prayer Guide. “I believe;...

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Is it the Gospel?

By Kelly Borjas: I got off the phone with a friend today, burdened by the call. We discussed the impact and wreckage of 2020 in...

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A Good Story

By Kelly Borjas: I love a good story, so much that I write fiction as a hobby (my own story world with characters in crisis,...

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Legend or God?

This is Sarah McCool and this is my first ever blog. For those that have known my husband, Brandon, and I for any length of time...

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Lone Pine Island

By Holly DeKorte You might have had someone in your life say to you, “I’m a Christian, but I don’t go to church.” What is your...

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