Financial Peace University

August 1 – September 26, 2024
Location: Element Church

This culture is designed to keep you down—credit cards, car loans, student loans… they trap you in endless payments. But there’s a way out, and it starts with you. You work way too hard to be this broke! Have you been looking for a way to finally get on top of your money? This. Is. Your. Time. Last year, class participants paid off $29,326.70 in non-mortgage debt, including two student loan debts; they paid off, closed and cut up six credit cards, and were able to increase their collective savings accounts by over $7,390.00 dollars. Praise God! 40% of Americans lose sleep over their finances each month. If that’s you, it’s time for a change. Take the first step to better sleep and financial control by signing up for the Financial Peace University class at Class starts on Thursday, August 1, 2024 here at the church. Click on the link for more details. Ready? Let’s do this!

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