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Aaron Carlberg - September 24, 2023

Week 11. Forgive - The Practical Extension of Forgiveness

This sermon marks the end of our 11-week series on forgiveness. Throughout this series, we have seen how forgiveness is a reflection of the gift God has given to us through Jesus— grace and mercy from the Cross in response to our sinful rebellion. This series ends on a practical note of what it means to extend forgiveness and pursue reconciliation with others, including when we have wronged others and when we are the one who has been wronged. It is important to understand that forgiveness is a commitment that precedes an emotional change—feelings like anger can be righteous and healthy as we understand the cost of wrongdoing against us. However, we are called to confront sin lovingly and work toward restoration with those who wrong us. Jesus calls us to overcome evil by not repaying evil with evil, blessing those who persecute us, forgiving without revenge, maintaining relationship (if possible/safe), meeting needs, and acting humbly. The ability to be humble comes directly from our understanding of the Cross, as we see how we are also sinners in need of forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

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Human forgiveness is dependent on divine forgiveness. There is a vertical aspect of forgiveness that starts with God’s forgiveness of us that translates into an internal aspect as we understand God’s forgiveness. That leads to the horizontal aspect which results in how we offer forgiveness and reconciliation others. Our society’s anxiety and confusion regarding forgiveness is real, but our world cannot live without forgiveness and that is why this series is so important.

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