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Aaron Carlberg - December 2, 2018

Week 1. We 3 Kings - The Three Kings

The three wise men who came to Jesus as an infant can be seen as Magi, Wise Men, or Kings. As Magi we can see the larger picture that contrary to popular wisdom of the time God has come in the flesh to a broken humanity to rescue and save us. God doesn’t live uninterested up in the “heavens,” God has come here, to our plight in Jesus, to rescue us. If you see them as Wise Men we can also realize the fact that Jesus is the wisdom of God sent to us in a world darkened by our own sin. He reveals God to us because He is the revelation of God Himself. If you picture them as actual kings it can be a reminder that Jesus is the King of all kings and He is the King that God had promised who would rule forever in truth, justice, mercy, love, and grace.

From Series: "We 3 Kings"

We Three Kings is our last series for the year of 2018 that looks at God's revelation of His Son to various people throughout the Scriptures. We look at the "Three Kings" or wise men from Matthew chapter 2 in how Jesus revealed Himself as God come to earth for our rescue. We will then look at Israel's first King Saul, how Jesus can and should be enough for us. Next we will take a look at Israel's greatest King, David, and how all of our life should be bound up in God. We will then look at Israel's wisest king, Solomon, and how easy it is to be lead astray by our own desires. On Christmas Eve we will culminate the series by focusing on Jesus as our true King.

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